The largest timber company in Egypt

In the best quality beech timber, we are the pioneer of the Egyptian market in the field of importing high quality beech timber, we have a complete range of timber for our customers, which offers a true and comprehensive shopping experience.

who are we

We are a company based in the Arab Republic of Egypt.We are engaged in sawing, trading and importing timber from Romania, including flat and processed high quality beech wood.

Our goal

Provide wood products to a variety of industry sectors in Egypt. In every sector in which we operate, we aim to provide a solution suited to its unique needs and requirements.


We have more than 40 years of experience in the field of wood in the Egyptian market. Founded by El Hajj / Al-Said Abu Salha in 1980, we specialize in selling Roman beech timber which is imported with high quality from our sawmills with the highest quality. And professionalism to complete a successful march of more than 40 years.

Our policy
Our knowledge of wood and the needs of customers and the Egyptian market of timber over the years are the basic elements that help Al-Said Abu Salha company to publish and import the best types of beech wood with the best international standards that fit perfectly the needs of the Egyptian market of beech wood.
Our Mission

 We are always looking for the finest beech wood and the best in the world, we travel all over the world (Romania – France ….) in search of high quality wood.

Our Vision

 We have a team of highly experienced customer requirements to communicate and study the needs of small and large customers with whom we work closely.

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